My experience learning

When I came to the Czech Republic more than 10 years ago I had no idea what I expected … start from scratch.
o meI signed up for an intensive 2 week course to find out how the language worked. It was a disaster!! I got almost depressed … I was not able o me 2 to say Ahoj, nobody understood me…But after a while listening and observing, 2 years ago I began to speak suddenly more fluently, first because I was not afraid of making mistakes or not being understood and second because I did not want to ask for help for everything. 

It’s still all difficult, but language is the key to be accepted, and the way of feeling integrated into another culture that is not yours.
Most people appreciate the effort you make … and believe me Czech language and Czech people are not easy at all. I still can see the weird faces that some of them put on me … What will this lady want? But little by little … and now with the help of my kids everything comes.o me 3


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